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Appreciation from adopters - Volunteer Insights.

New Friend. I just wanted to thank you so much for Checkers. My husband has found the best "buddie" in the world. They are getting along famously. Our dog has a bit of getting used to him though. Oh by the way, he loves the boat.....We couldn't have asked for a more perfect kitten. We renamed him "Sam".

Thanks to HOPE. I hope you had a magical Christmas. Thanks to you and your organization, we did. I cannot find the words to explain just what adopting Comet has done for our household. Pure magic...He is a constant 'talker', following me around talking. If I do not talk back, he yells louder. As you probably know, he is quite the leaper. I've never seen a cat move so quickly and jump so high from a sitting position. I think I mentioned to you that when my TabbyJo cat passed, I was left with a hole in my heart. My big black and white Maine Coon remained in mourning. This little guy is amazing. He seems to have healed both of us. I cannot thank you enough for caring for him until we found him. You must have given him a lot of love. He is so affectionate.

It is a pleasure serving the animals. I am the Wednesday P.M. worker at H.O.P.E. Yesterday on my shift the Monday A.M. couple came in to drop off laundry. We got to talking because Brandi, one of our charges that is special to all the workers, had gone home with Jane, the Saturday P.M. worker. What makes Brandi stand out is she LOVES to get on your back. When you are cleaning her unit she gets on your back and rides out. She will stay there for as long as she can. She likes attention and being held but being on your back makes her happy. She has taken a nap on mine!

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2016: Whew! Busy again. We do see the difference rescue has made in Brevard but the task is never done. In 2016 many animals were helped (as of 12/2015)
547 Fostered Animals
507 Resolutions/204 were adoptions
351 Community Animals Helped
Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers.

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